Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Water Heater Tips to Save on Electric & Water Bill

Your water heater, surprisingly, usually counts for 25% - 33% of your energy bill.  So if your bill is $100, your water tank is the reason of $25 -$33 of that!  Pretty heft if you ask me.  Since it is an integral part of your bill, are there ways to reduce this substantial cost?  Answer: Yes, of Course!  Below you will find tips to lower your water heating bill substantially:

1.) Lower the Thermostat on the Hot Water Tank.  By Adjusting/Lowering the temperature just a few degrees will save you money every month.  And lets face it, who turns it all the way to the hottest it can be anyways!

2.) Insulate. Insulate. INSULATE!  Insulate your hot water tank, but make sure you don't cover the thermostat on it and you follow the guidelines/recommendations on the package of the insulation and the water tank.  Also, you can insulate hot water pipes etc. To purchase one, visit Here

3.) Wash ONLY FULL loads of laundry!  This is a given.  The more often you wash the loads, the more water you will be using, thus the more you will be spending.  Be efficient and wash only full loads!

4.) Decrease your shower time!  Also a given, the shorter your shower, the less water that is used.

5.) Install an energy efficient shower-head, faucets, aerators.  Most energy-efficient shower-heads are 2.5 gpm

Hope These Tips help!  Not only will you save on your energy bill, but you will save on your water bill AND have extra dinero in your pocket!!  Enjoy!

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