Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Changing to CFL Light Bulbs

EASIEST Way to go green and save money is to switch all your incandescent light bulbs to CFL (Compact Florescent Light) Bulbs.  They Can range anywhere from $1 - $20 depending on the type, size and skills (dimmable etc).  Switching Out those 40watt lightbulbs for low level such as 9-10 Watt CFL light bulbs will save a great deal.  They recommend switching out 60watt bulbs for 13 watts, etc (the box will usually describe it).  There are many sites online that sell them, usually at a very low price!  What is nice is you usually save more than your cost of the bulbs in the first month, so they pay for themselves after just days of usage.  I personally have done this in my house, along with a few other tweaks and have brought our energy bill, no joke here is the payment history:

09/12/2008 -$200.81
09/22/2009 -$40.77 (this with my updates)

As you can see that is a 79.7% Decrease!!!!  That was the best month we had when compared to the prior year month.  Here is what an average one looks like:

10/15/2008 -$247.90
10/20/2009 -$63.88

Whoops!  Did I say average, this is a 74.2% decrease!!  So, the one month wasn't just a fluke! These are real figures, and is mostly comprised of just switching bulbs!!  So do yourself and the earth a favor, buy CFL Light Bulbs and put more money in your pocket : )

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