Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Go Green Tip for the Day: Car Pooling!

Hey everyone and welcome back to the Going Green & the Benefits You Receive Blog!  I am here today to present a great tip for everyone to use that is cost friendly, eco-friendly and can actually help build relationships! That tip is - Car Pooling! 
I know that we have all talked and thought about doing this with our friends and family, but how many actually do it?  These situations are perfect for strengthening the relationships with our loved ones, saving money on gas and we lower our emissions to the environment!

How to set up a car pooling activity:
Contact your friends that you go to school with.  This is great for high school and college students.  I actually car pooled with my friend for an entire semester - he drove one week, I drove the next.  There are 15 weeks in the semester so he ended up driving 8 weeks and me 7.  The normal commute (both ways) was 21 miles or about $2.50 each day.  Multiply that by 4 = $10 each week.  Instead of me spending $150+  for driving to class, I spent only $70 (good estimate), Saving me over half of the cost of driving that semester.  pretty good huh?

How about this for a better example, that I wish I could have done:
Find 3 people, instead of 2, that have similar class schedules.  Therefore you drive only 5 weeks per person.  Normal, by yourself = $150/Semester putting (21x4x15) 1,260 miles on your car OR with 3 people = $50/Semester putting (21x4x5) 420 miles on your car.  Not only will you save gas money, but you are actually lowering your next date with the oil change service and new tires!

Now this can work in extremely situations with your work/office commute, picking up children from school, grocery shopping etc.

Do the earth and yourself a favor by setting up a carpool activity, go green and experience the amazing benefits you can receive!  Thanks for reading!  Anyone have similar real-life examples as mine above?  Please share!

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